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Church Is Where I found God It's Also Where I Learned How To Judge

Church is where I found God. It’s also where I learned how to judge.

Ok, lets get a little real here.

Christians aren’t allowed to judge.

God wants Christians to love people.

Jesus didn’t want us to judge, he wanted us to accept others.

We need to be tolerant of other people’s lifestyles.

These are all very popular statements that I hear almost daily.

Its almost like, based off all these statements, Christians aren’t allowed to “judge” others.

And the moment we open our mouths about something we may disagree with, we get destroyed from all fronts about how unloving we could be.

Let me be honest, there will be always people who take things too far and would rather shove something in people’s faces than try to understand.

I am in no way condoning those who make it their goal to make others feel bad for their actions. I do not support the kind of judgment that almost feels like hatred towards a certain group.

But before I finish this thought up let me throw something out there I don’t want you all to miss: We shouldn’t judge a religion by its abuse.

There will always be people who think its their life mission to take something too far and in this case, judge people for all the wrong they do.

But let me share a perspective that seems to have been forgotten in our world today.

Jesus didn’t tell us not to judge, he taught us how to judge.

Ill say that again, Jesus didn’t tell us not to judge, he taught us how to judge.

What?! What do you mean? Jesus totally talked about the whole thing with the log in your eye and all that. Of course he said we shouldn’t judge others because we are all guilty of bad things.

Well, lets back up a second. What is the definition the word “Judge?”

According to Google, it means to form an opinion or conclusion about.

We all have our own opinions about certain things. Even which stuff like, the best kind of ice cream...peanut butter brittle.

Now if this is what it means to judge, then judging allows us to live our lives we think are right.

And if you’re a Christian, than we are to “judge” or form opinions based off what the bible says is wrong or not.

Look, if there’s anything we should take from this its this, Jesus never judged to make someone feel inferior or unloved, and neither should we…

Jesus judged to show us how to be able to better determine what it is that hurts us and to be able to help others in a loving way to discover truth.

At the end of the day, that’s what matters, how well we can love the person next to us and help each other grow to discover Jesus and the love he so generously pours out onto mankind.