Your Reality May Not Be Reality

Video Caption: What mixed equal parts
Video Duration: 01 : 36

Strong physiological beliefs just aren’t enough to prove a belief anymore. Now im not saying you must prove it to anyone, but you are the most influential person in your life.

If that’s the case, its very important for you to really know what it is you believe and have the facts right. We all have a worldview through which we see the world around us. Having the worldview could be dangerous and even fatal in some cases. Having the wrong worldview is like navigating in the city of New York with a map from Chicago. But here’s the thing, everyone has a worldview, but not everyone’s worldview can be right. As we mention in the video above, some religions promote ideas that are so opposite each other, they couldn’t possible exist in this world with the law of non contradiction in place. The law of non-contradiction states that two opposite ideas can be true at the same time. Either one is true and the other is false, or vice versa. We must first find good reasons for what we believe then to back it up then decide if its worth believing.

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